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(A bartender fucks a ginger prostitute on a bed. It must involve sex toys and branding.)

Midnight marked the time when the crowd had cleared away and everything was quiet. She was closing up shop and things were finally peaceful. Sure, most bars stayed open till the wee hours, but this one was different. The crowd all knew each other. Everyone had to get back to their lives at some point. Midnight just seemed the right time.

Alice wiped down the counter as the tv idled with the news in the background. The floor had been swept and the chairs were on the tables, and there were few things left to do. She lazily slid the rag back and forth as she scratched the side of her head. She'd have to have it shaved again soon, she thought. She snickered a bit at the cliche of shaved head on the owner of a dyke bar. The commentary in the background switched to world politics when she heard a jingle at the door. "We're closed--" she managed to get out before looking up. "Ah....hey?"

The redhead entered the bar as she had hundreds of times before. The lean 20-something scratched the side of her arm and avoided eye contact as she noted the familiar smell of cloves and booze. It had been almost a year since she was here regularly, and yet it really still felt like home. She looked up just long enough to see the surprise in the other woman's face. "Hey, Alice..." "Maggie....What are you doing here?" Alice said, her tone as if she had seen a ghost. Maggie smiled and huffed a laugh. "What, not happy to see me come home?"

She took a seat at the bar that Alice had just cleaned. "Got anything for me?" Alice's surprise turned to deadpan annoyance. "We're CLOSED." "Anything ELSE...?" Alice heaved a sigh as she went further down the bar, rag in tow. "I don't have any money, I'm not finding you drugs, and in case you don't remember, YOU dumped ME. So no, I DON'T have anything for you." The tension in the air prickled against Maggie's skin. "You don't need to be so goddamn hostile...I was just coming to say hi....." Alice turned to her, brooding emotions strewn across her face. "More like coming to GET high. What do you REALLY want, anyway?" Maggie looked down at the granite counter top, guilt starting to tint her features. "....Yeah. I know. I really WAS coming here to just beg you for cash or sleep it out of you. Whoop-de-fricken-do." Alice sighed again and looked at her with some level of pity. "Look, Maggie," she said, coming over, "I really do care about you. But we just.....we don't work anymore. Not like this." Maggie looked up at her, her face somewhere between sadness and indignation. "I know that, god. Don't remind me, okay?" The bartender looked at her with slight confusion in her eyes. "So what ARE you doing here...?"

Most of the patrons of the Cat's Meow weren't aware that their loyal bartender had a loft above the establishment. Plenty assumed the attic was used for storage, not that someone lived there. But, lo and behold, up a set of back stairs lay Alice's apartment. Maggie knew the way almost too well and followed her up those familiar steps yet again. "So what, did your pimp kick you out or something?" Alice said, sarcastically. "He's not my pimp...." Maggie shot back, albeit tired and dejected. She scratched the side of her arm nervously. "Oh, sorry, BOYFRIEND. So, did HE kick you out?" Maggie rolled her eyes and sighed, frustrated with Alice's behavour. Sure, she had a right to be upset, but god, grow the fuck up. "I just don't feel like going home right now, okay? I was out for a walk and wandered here by accident..." "Instinct, probably," Alice laughed. "You've been here so much it's like second nature by now." Maggie laughed a little. "Probably." They entered the large space and Maggie made her way in as Alice locked the door. "Thanks for letting me crash here..." Maggie said to her, as Alice turned around. "It's okay, but just tonight. And you're on the couch." Maggie grimaced, but shrugged, and sat down on the overstuffed sofa. "I'll get you a blanket, wait here." Alice said, going into the bedroom.

Maggie looked around at the tall room. Everything was exactly as it had been when she left--same posters, same furniture, all in the same spots. Maybe that was part of the reason she left; It all got a bit boring after awhile. Alice had always said she was a nester, that she was fine with getting things cozy and letting them stay as they are. She had hoped they could work through that, get past it for the sake of the relationship, but it just never came to be. She scratched her arms again as Alice reentered the room. She handed her an afghan as she noted the nervous action. "Are you.....doing alright?" Maggie looked away defensively. "Just fine, thanks, none of your business." "Ah, so that's how it is.....Listen, Maggie....I know you don't want to hear this, but if you have some free time tomorrow....maybe we could go to that clinic? I'd go with you, I know you hate doctors--" "Just shut UP, okay!? I SAID it's none of your business anymore. Not that it ever was, jeez." Maggie turned away, the withdrawal making her cold and defensive. Alice stood up and stared at her, her face a mixture of tired pity and contempt. She remembered this feeling, the yearning from their final days together. But she was stronger now. She turned and went back to the bedroom.

Thunder crackled in the sky as a storm rolled in. The hours had been wearing on and the current time was 2:34 AM. Maggie read the VCR's clock over and over, waiting anxiously for the minutes to pass and for it to be daylight again. The past few days had been filled with so many things she hated, it was starting to make her skin crawl. Storms, withdrawal, the fights, this bar, and most of all her past....she shook her head in an effort to forget it. A boom erupted from beyond the windows, making her jump back to the present. She shivered, knowing for sure that she wasn't going to get any sleep at this point. She contemplated just leaving now, but feeling too tired, she elected to do the only other reasonable-sounding option at the moment: sneak into Alice's bed. She got up and made the silent trip to the bedroom, sneaking around various objects littered on the apartment floor. She carefully pushed open the door, then closed it softly behind her, trying to be as stealthy as possible. Alice would be pissed if she were woken in the middle of the night like this, especially LIKE THIS. After all, she WAS right, she WAS the one dumped here.....Maggie heard the soft breathing of her former lover in the darkness. The sun was far from rising, but it was a soft dark, punctuated by the strikes of lightning outside. She stood awkwardly at the edge of the bed, contemplating how to go about getting inside. Eventually, she just gave up and curled up at the end.

Alice's foot nudged something. Being a light sleeper, she stirred as she prodded the strange object. Her only cat had died and, yet to replace it, Alice was confronted with the vague idea of poking a ghost. She shook her head slightly, foggy with sleep. She sat up slowly, and opened her eyes in the same fashion, they being hard to pry from their slumber. She squinted, and vaguely made out the shape of Maggie, curled up at the foot of her bed like a dog. Puzzled and mildly annoyed, she nudged the lump of blankets and pillow until she got a sound. She continued doing so until she got further noises and movement. "Oi. The hell are you doing on my bed." Alice said, indignant to this intrusion, until another snap-crackle of electricity startled her awake. Maggie whimpered lightly. Alice chuckled a bit and pulled the covers back on the opposing side. Maggie crawled upward and under the blankets, hugging her pillow in the manner of a child. Alice couldn't help but smile at this; even at 28 the woman hadn't lost the childlike demeanor that made Alice fall in love with her. She sank downward into the soft, downy warmth, ready and willing to drift back to her dreams.

Maggie rolled over to be greeted by Alice's sleeping face mere inches from hers. Just beyond, the clock read 5:08 am. The storm had passed and the first glimmers of daylight were beginning to pass through the loft's dank windows. Despite the drawn shades, they were bright enough to pierce the eye and keep Maggie from going back to sleep. She groaned and rolled onto her back, covering her face with the pillow. The motion made Alice stir, to which Maggie looked over, panicked. Alice murmured something about grapefruits and blinked open her eyes. She groggily looked over to Maggie, who was grinning sheepishly. Alice gave her a deadpan look and mumbled, "S'wha time...?" "5:10..." Alice groaned heavily and covered her eyes with her arm. "Goddammit...." Maggie felt a bit guilty at this point, and started to stir, getting up and out of the bed. Alice latched onto her with her other arm. "Don' even think bout' it..." She said, dragging Maggie backward. "Ugh, don't tell me you want to cuddle....You know I'm not a cuddle person, jeez...." She said, looking the other way, her discomfort obvious. "Shu'up. S'gon' help me sleep." Alice slurred out, dazed. She pulled Maggie downward and wrapped herself around the other's body much in the manner of an octopus. "Blegh....why do I have to be your freakin' body pillow...." Maggie said, tensing up at Alice's touch. "Cause I let you crash here, now go back to sleep, dammit." Alice said, getting more annoyed at Maggie's disagreement.

About 10 minutes passed before Alice gave another loud, pained groan. Maggie, still awake, tensed further as Alice released her and rolled onto her back. She slapped her arm across her eyes again, gritting her teeth in frustration. "God DAMMIT!" Maggie quirked her mouth at Alice's rising anger. "Friggen light, why the hell haven't I bought blackout shades yet. I am gonna be so fricken' burnt tonight, maybe I should close early..." She turned to Maggie, her face a mask of aggravation. "Oi. You know this is your fault, right?" Maggie's brow furrowed as she responded. "Oh, like I ASKED the damn sun to beam directly onto your goddamn face? Fuck you." "I would have gotten MUCH better sleep were it not for your wimpy ass. A little thunder got you all riled up, is that it?" Alice said sarcastically. Maggie's face flushed. "God, fuck you, asshole! It's not like I CHOSE to get freaked out by fucking thunderstorms, okay!?" "Yeah, but you CHOSE to sleep here last night. So, still your fault." Alice responded, getting in Maggie's face. "Just SHUT UP!!" Maggie screeched, rolling over and pinning Alice to the bed. Alice gritted her teeth and rolled the much smaller woman over, reversing their positions. Maggie struggled in her embarrassment and annoyance. Her matted hair splayed over the pillow as she writhed, eventually giving up and staring up at Alice with a pout, which quickly turned to a look of confusion over Alice's flushed face. "....What?" "I-it's nothing...." Alice said, looking away, trying to hide her blush. "Just reminded me of when we....y'know..." Maggie's face wrinkled up as she began to giggle. "Oh my've got a fricken' ladyboner, don't you?" "Ugh, shut up, okay?" Alice said, rolling off of her and towards the side of the bed. "Well..." Maggie started, touching Alice's neck gently, "...You wanna do it?" Alice rolled back over and smirked. "So how much is it?"

Maggie's moans filled the apartment as Alice felt along her clothed opening. Even after all this time, Alice thought, teasing her was still fun. Staring down at her former lover, she felt along her arms, her legs, her face, her had been so long since she had felt this skin, but it was so different now. The track marks on her limbs painted a much less pretty picture than what she remembered. Maggie tensed whenever she touched them, as if they were a reminder of a reality she couldn't escape. Alice didn't want to be that grounding element right now. Right now was about fantasy and reliving the bygone moments. She leaned down and nipped at her neck gently, biting and sucking at what gentle flesh was left, yearning to claim it as hers. Her ministrations continued as she felt her way back down to the soft lump between her thighs, searching for that one sensitive little nub she used to play with so much. The second Alice found it, Maggie's sounds increased tenfold. "You're gonna wake the neighbors with that...." Alice purred into Maggie's ear. " just feels....too good...." She sighed in response, peaking again as Alice's hand found its way past the underwear. "God....would you just.....finish already..?" Maggie whispered, a frustrated pout coming over her reddened face. Alice snickered and pinched her clit, earning another piercing yelp. She smiled and sat up. "Fine, then, if you want to get it over with, we'll get it over with..." Alice said, opening a drawer in the nightstand beside the bed. Maggie huffed and puffed as she watched Alice rifle through the drawer, looking for something. "What....are you doing...?" "You actually think I'm gonna do THAT with you? How can I eat that, I don't know where it's been!" Alice snickered sarcastically as Maggie growled at her, pissed. Her eyes flickered to the drawer, where Alice had finally found what she was looking for. The long, smooth shaft was a fluorescent purple, with a wide base at the end. "'re into THAT now...?" Maggie said, a hint of horror in her voice. "Relax..." Alice said, pulling a harness from the drawer along with it. "How is this any different from your boyfriend?" Maggie's face relaxed as she saw her putting it on her own nude form. However, she tensed again after hearing, "Unless, you'd like to try it elsewhere...?"

Maggie's face sandwiched itself between the bedsheets and Alice's breast as she was rammed into hard from behind. Her pussy was sopping as the dildo was thrust with intense speed, Alice not letting her have a second of rest. Their sweat mingled as she cried out, her muscles instinctively tensing and relaxing with each pump. Alice's face contorted in pleasure as she felt her own clit grind against the unforgiving silicone. Maggie all the while endured a pleasurable pounding at the expense of her cervix, each push on it earning another little yip of surprise, pleasure, and just a bit of pain. All tenseness of the night before with her craving a fix had melted away in the moment, just her and her lover. She had missed this sense of blissful ignorance to the outer world. Living in the moment like this was something that had ceased to be. Each nudge brought her closer to ecstasy, each thrust another step to paradise. She heard Alice's groans, felt the weight of her body, and the warmth of her touch, all of the senses intertwined into this grand experience as she was mercilessly fucked. "Ahhhhhhh...I'm.....I'm almost there..." she managed to moan out. "Please....keep....going...." Alice smirked sadistically. "You....can bet your sweet ass on that....." She panted in between thrusts. As the two of them got tighter and tighter, their urgency increasing, Alice grabbed Maggie's ass and began slamming into her even harder, even needier. This was enough for the two of them to finish together in one final blow.

Sweaty and spent, Alice rolled onto her side of the bed, the strap-on the only part of her form not limp. Maggie panted, but rolled over and sat up on her side of the bed. "Aw, no cuddling?" Alice said in between breaths, jabbing at her playfully with her sarcastic tone. Maggie huffed a small laugh and stood up, putting her clothes back on. Alice looked at her as she did so, a wanting in her face that only increased the pain of seeing her again. "So," she laughed, trying to play off the awkwardness, "How much do I owe you, really?" Maggie gave her a cold look and turned away, heading towards the door. Alice sat up, dejected. "Hey, sorry, I was just--" "It...was nice seeing you, Al. Take care of yourself." Maggie said, looking back at her with a small smile. She scratched her arm nervously and left the room. Alice stared at the door frame for a few more minutes until she heard the outer door lock and close behind her as she left. Alice's chest twanged a bit as she lied back down and stared at the ceiling. She felt a few silent tears well up in the corner of her eyes as she stared at the tiles above, the pain now as fresh as it was before. She sniffed and let them roll down the sides of her face, ready to face the future. She had gotten her closure, and that was all she could ask for, just a goodbye. She began taking off the toy strapped to her waist, smiling as she thought of how thankful she was for what had been.

The clock struck midnight once again as the bar cleared out for the night. Alice swept the rag along the counter and hummed softly to herself as the last of the regulars filtered out. She was left alone with just her thoughts and the television, placidly cleaning the counter top. The news switched to the weather, but as she looked up she was greeted with another pair of eyes she didn't recognize. The girl was slim and petite, with soft-looking brown hair that framed her rounded face perfectly, sweeping down to her shoulders. The girl, who couldn't have been more than 20, fidgeted nervously as she stood in front of the counter. Alice spoke up. "Um, we're closed, but is there something I can help you wi--" "Ah, no! No, no, it's fine, but, just," The girl stammered out, handing Alice a piece of paper and exiting swiftly. Alice gave a confused expression as she watched her leave. She turned to catch the weather, but having missed it, unfolded the paper. She couldn't help but smile and laugh a bit as she saw the note inside.

Please Call Me
i'm disclaimering this now that this is not to be taken seriously as a relationship. none of these are. it's fluffy stories.

next in the IS YOUR BODY READY series! technically this prompt was in the middle of the two next ones, but chose to this one first because reasons. yuri this time, rather sad yuri but yuri. hope it's to someone's liking.
PentiumMMX Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Was pretty good, ja

obligatory "The Internet Is For Porn" comment LOL
Choco-la-te Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
danke. i won't say it's gold, but i'm mildly satisfied by how this one turned out.
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